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    The Punisher 026 aka Altair


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    The Punisher 026 aka Altair Empty The Punisher 026 aka Altair

    Post  Tristar_Punisher Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:37 am

    umm........ ok

    All i do in life is joke around, have as good a tme as possible, do what i gotta do everyday. i LOVE to wrestle. I've wrestled in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. Im one that likes to help troubled people or cheer people up when they're down. I speak english, VERY little spanish, italian, and malay. I do not know much lol. I am an honest person, which is why many people don't like me. I don't like to hide anything. umm..... I play football, run track and pretty much anything that'll help me get into shape for my career. I keep to myself alot because i dont like to throw my problems on other people. I love video games, long walks, hanging out with friends, and just being me. I dont swear (cuss/curse). I am a man of my word. I always try to keep my promises. I am easy to talk to. I hate when people toy with my emotions, heart, family, and most definitley being lied to. I also hate being compared to other people. My life-long dream is to become a professional wrestler. My favorite number is 26. and i guess thats it!

    -WHO DO YA LUV!?!.......dont answer that-

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