Tristars Clan

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We Are TriStars A Gaming Clan For Platstation3 & Nintendo Wii. Also We Are An All Gameing Clan For PS3 AND Nintendo.Join If You Are Good Enuf.

    {Rules For Tristars Clan

    Soul spinelli
    Soul spinelli

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    {Rules For Tristars Clan Empty {Rules For Tristars Clan

    Post  Soul spinelli Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:42 pm

    If wanna become mod get 5 ppl to join or beat leader 2 times
    Be nice to others and don't trash talk at all here on the Chat box OK
    plus Tristars clan will b Number 1 one day.
    NOTE:If your a Mario Kart Wii Hacker It's OK if your one but
    Don't Hack In Clan War's OK And If you get banned From
    Wi-fi To Bad 1 more thing dont talk trash about us if u in the clan and be loyal OK.

    Oh right when we have clan wars we dont do Formatts Clan wars its just gayea

    And It's Ok to hack but only hack when your playing Friend's OK
    Thank You.

    Thank you for reading this.

    From:tristars LEADER SOUL king

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